Workout Time of Day, Does it Matter?

Morning, afternoon, or nighttime. Does it actually matter when you work out? Recently, this has been weighing on my mind a bit. As the weather cools down and the only feasible time to run isn’t ass-o’clock early (literally the only good thing about the weather cooling down, stay forever summer, I’ll wake up early if I have to!), I’ve been noticing my workouts have all been being pushed to the afternoon or evening. For some reason, it seems as though working out in the morning is held to some sort of higher standard. Sure, I found that my long runs seem to work best in the morning, but I rocked out a super sweet run (first one post-half marathon) and butt/ab workout today at 5:00. I had originally planned to do this workout at 7 AM before work, but when my alarm went off and I was not having it, I knew I would have a much stronger workout if I just held off.

FullSizeRender-46 FullSizeRender-41

Morning run vs. evening run. The views are pretty no matter what!

I am by no means swearing off morning workouts until next summer. Nor am I shaming religious morning-workouters (I realize many people need to workout then or it’s not happening, or they’re just morning people). I love getting my workout done in the morning and having the rest of the day to live my life. Like I said before, long runs (after toast and coffee) seem to work best for me when done in the wee hours of the morning. And, of course, there are days where literally the only time I have to get in a workout is in the morning. On those days, I get my ass outta bed and onto the pavement or into the gym. However, sometimes a morning workout isn’t going to happen, whether I’m tired, have something else to do super early, or am planning on going to a class in the afternoon/evening I know it’s not always feasible to fit in a workout before the day truly begins.

Sometimes staying in bed is the best thing for the zen. PS: Pls buy me this.

Anyway, why am I writing this? Honestly, I just wanted to get my thoughts out there. Yes, there are a lot of pros to working out in the morning, but if you know you can get a workout in later (one benefit of an early morning workout is that life is less likely to get in the way), then workout whenever the heck your heart wants! Yeah, yeah, some people say your metabolism is increased if you start your day off with exercise and blah, blah, blah, but if you were to do the same workout at 7 AM or 7 PM, you’re going to burn the same calories and reap the same muscle/endurance/whatever benefits. Additionally, if you’re super tired in the morning, you probably won’t end up working out as hard as if you had given yourself the extra hour or two of sleep and exercised later in the day (for example, I totally wouldn’t have run as hard at 7 AM when I was super tired than I did this afternoon, so I ended up getting a better workout). Really, you’re doing your body a solid by getting more sleep + getting more out of a workout because you’re not dead.

And for the times when a workout has to happen in the morning and you are soooo not down, maybe this is helpful?

Okay, so that was a super random, semi-stream-of-consciousness post. Basically I just wanted to put my thoughts out there, and see what others had to say, which brings me to questions for you lovely humans 🙂 :

1. Morning/afternoon/night, do you typically stick to one time frame or switch it up depending on your schedule for the day? I probably workout in the morning 50% of the time, and then split between afternoon/night depending on life.

2. Do you feel the same “mornings are superior” vibe around working out? Am I just crazy (probably)?




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