WIAW #6: Day in the Life

Happy Wednesday! It’s been a little while since I’ve joined the WIAW party (hosted by Laura at Sprint 2 the Table, thanks girl 🙂 ), but I’m back and ready to parrrrr-tay once again! For this edition of WIAW, I wanted to do a “Day in the Life,” in which I’ll share my eats as well as a typical day in my shoes. I’m super nosy and love reading other bloggers’ “Day in the Life” posts, so why not share the (probs really boring) everyday activities of my life with the Internet? Plus, this could be fun to look back on in the future…or not.

8:50 AM-Alarm goes off. Lay in bed checking texts/email/social media on my phone because I don’t want to get out of bed.

8:54 AM-Get my butt out of bed, bathroom, wash face, put on work clothes, do hair and makeup. All that fun stuff.

9:16 AM-Breakfast. Reheat the PB banana overnight oats I prepped yesterday in the microwave for 45 seconds. Add blueberries on top because I’m feelin sassy.


9:20 AM-Eat breakfast while catching up on blogs (my version of reading the morning paper).

9:39 AM-Brush teeth, pour iced coffee into my to-go cup, and head out the door for work.

9:57 AM-Punch in (3 minutes early! This is a sad accomplishment for me), do Host/take out person business for 4.5 hours.

2:31 PM-Punch out, drive co-worker home, drive myself home.

2:54 PM-Lunch. Make the “typical Julie” lunch: turkey wrap with spicy brown mustard + tomato + red bell pepper + salsa and a side salad.


3:03 PM-Eat lunch while browsing the World Wide Web. End up eating baby carrots and hummus once I finish my sandwich because I was stilllllllll hungry.


Plight of the very hungry Julie.

3:38 PM-Relax, get dressed and ready for yoga.

4:37 PM-Snack attack. Eat an apple as a pre-workout snack.


4:50 PM-Leave for yoga, pick up Elizabeth on the way.

5:14 PM-Arrive at yoga, sit in hot room for 15 minutes chatting (quietly, obvi) with Elizabeth (we left so early because there’s usually a lot of traffic right around 5:00).

5:30 PM-Hot yoga. Pretty solid class, was definitely a workout, but good for my still-kinda-sore legs.

6:56 PM-Drive home, drop off Elizabeth, shower.

7:31 PM-Dinner. Reheat beef stir fry my dad made for dinner earlier. Added a little bit of garlic salt because I felt like it needed more flavor and garlic salt solves everything.


7:57 PM-Do nothing. Well, basically just sit on the couch watching Netflix/YouTube/browsing the Internet. If my classes hadn’t ended already I’d be spending this time being productive and doing homework, but now that they’re over I’ve just been super unproductive.

10:08 PM-Snack attack. Eat cottage cheese +PB as per my usual dessert-type snack.


10:22 PM-Write yesterday’s blog post.

11:06 PM-Snack attack. A couple spoonfuls of PB to end the day right.


11:29 PM-Brush and floss my teeth, get ready for bed.

11:37 PM-Realize I forgot to make coffee to put in the fridge overnight for iced coffee in the morning (the easiest/best way to make iced coffee), so I quickly brew a pot while interneting to kill time.

11:45 PM-Retreat to my room for the night. I definitely fell asleep by midnight, which is mildly early for me. I’m hoping I can keep it up!

Well that was my day, pretty boring, but I worked, got a workout in, and ate pretty healthily throughout the day. I have a feeling if I do another “Day in the Life” post in the next couple months, I’ll probably be much busier because school will be in full swing. Until then, I am definitely enjoying my days spent relaxing!

Questions for you lovely humans:

1. What is your go-to spice to make anything taste better? For savory foods, the aforementioned garlic salt and/or smoked paprika, and for sweet foods, cinnamon.

2. If you’re an iced coffee lover, do you do the make-coffee-the-night-before-and-refrigerate method? I’m all about it. Much simpler the cold brewing, and makes the coffee much less watered-down than poring hot coffee over ice.

3. What’s your current Netflix-watching show? I’ve been watching Parks and Rec for like 3 years on Netflix, slowly going through as the new seasons are added.




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