Happy Half Marathon Eve!

‘Twas the day before my half marathon and all through the house…I was stirring everywhere making sure I’m ready to rock and run tomorrow.

Okay, I kind of lost the poetic nature of that halfway through, but YES tomorrow is half marathon go-time. I’ll be running the Blueberry Cove Half Marathon in Tenant’s Harbor, ME tomorrow morning. I’m all packed and about to take the 3-hour trip up to the area with my friends Maddie and Willie, who are running it as well.

How I’m Feeling: I’m weirdly superstitious and don’t want to jinx anything be saying “oh, I’m totally gonna rock it.” With that being said, I feel good about my training. By the end of my last long run (11 miles), I felt like I could have churned out two more. I’ve definitely improved on pacing myself and not starting off with a bang because that only results in me ending with a fizzle. I’m aware of when I should eat my fuel (officially decided on Clif Shot Bloks), and, perhaps most importantly, I know there are multiple port-a-potties dispersed along the route (still haven’t figured out how to not have an instance of runners trots during a long run). Also, I made a packing list because I was nervous I’d forget a necessary race item. Maybe it’s a little much, but writing lists helps me when I’m anxious.


Biggest worries: My two biggest concerns at the moment are the weather and the hilly course. Luckily, the high tomorrow in Tenant’s Harbor is only 75 degrees, and we start at 7:30 to beat the “heat.” Unfortunately, according to weather.com, it’s supposed to be pretty humid. I’ve done my fair share of long runs in early-morning humidity, but I’m not gonna lie, I’d definitely feel better with a less humid forecast. In terms of the course, the one Blueberry Cove race review I read (before stopping because it made me anxious) said that the course was super hilly. By that point I had signed up and I wasn’t about to go find a different race, but maybe I should have done more research on the course before choosing the race (Maddie and I legit only chose Blueberry Cove because there is a lighthouse along the course that looked really pretty). My neighborhood, where I do most of my running, is pretty hilly, so I’m kind-of used to hills. I suppose we’ll see just how used to hills I am tomorrow!

Not sure if I’ll find this as pretty when I’m huffin and puffin tomorrow (image source).

Goals: I just want to finish. Honestly, that’s the biggest goal. I don’t have a goal time or pace, I just want to cross that finish line. Ideally, I would run the whole thing (not counting a bathroom break(s)) without stopping to walk. However, if I have to walk for a minute or two, then I have to walk for a minute or two. If I can cross that finish line, I will feel like I’ve accomplished something. I’ve been working my whole summer towards this goal. I’ve made it this far, so 13.1 miles is, like, nothing, right?

Post-Half Plan: Like I said, I’ve pretty much spent most of the summer training for this race. Recently, I’ve started to think about how my workouts will be once I’m not in training anymore. Probably pretty similar. I want to try and have one long-ish run a week, and I may try to add in more HIIT (my faaaaave…ugh) in addition to strength training. I plan on running a couple shorter-distance races in the fall, and I want to work on getting faster. I have no idea how to do speedwork and whatnot (advice would be greatly appreciated), but that could be an interesting addition to my routine.

Well, those are my thoughts going into the Half. Once again, if I can cross that finish line, I will be happy. My training has gotten me this far, now it’s up to my feet to get me the rest of the way (cue Born to Die by Lana Del Rey…feet don’t fail me now, take me to the finish line). I’m nervous and excited and overall ready to do this thing!

Questions for you lovely humans:

1. What were your feelings like going into your first big race?

2. How can I incorporate speedwork and things into my routine? I really have no idea where to begin with that.

3. What is your favorite bad joke? Just felt like lightening the mood a little. Mine is: Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants? In case he got a hole in one! HAH…I have a special place in my heart for bad jokes/puns 🙂




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