WIAW #5: Back on Track, On the Road, and in Need of Groceries

Wednesday already? The past few days I’ve been getting my days all mixed up, probably due to having a few days off from work and being in Maine. However, yesterday it was back to the real world. I hadn’t been eating the best for the past few days, so I was determined to make Tuesday my “get back on track day.” Things were a bit complicated by the fact that I would also be travelling home from Maine (a three hour car ride builds an appetite), working at night (the free employee menu doesn’t always have many/any healthy option), and that I am in desperate need of a trip to the grocery store. Even with these little roadblocks, I think I did pretty well in the being healthy department and wanted to share with you my day of eats!

As always, I will be joining the WIAW party and linking up with Meghan. Thanks for hosting!


I ate half a banana before my run this morning. I forgot to take a picture because it was early and I was tired. Whoops!


Before leaving Maine, I had a breakfast of Greek yogurt + PB  + the other half of the banana + a few raspberries + a chocolate chip Chewey bar I broke up because we had nothing else I could use as granola and I wanted a crunch (sometimes you just gotta make do with what you got, I guess #lifelessons).


I also got an iced coffee from Starbucks (venti, unsweetened, with skim milk please) before I embarked on the journey home.


A smiley face? Mainers are so much nicer than people in MA.


The ride home kind of sucked, and I found myself getting pretty hungry throughout the first hour. Of course, the emergency snacks I always have in my purse had all been eaten, and I never replaced them, so I stopped at a rest stop to grab something. I avoided the candy/chips/trail mix because I wanted something that was a)healthy and b)already portion controlled (because the bags of nuts and trail mix they sell are healthy when I just eat one serving, but if I’m bored and driving, I will mindlessly eat the entire bag). I snagged an apple and string cheese and headed on my way, hoping the drive would be better after I ate.


Sadly, the drive did not get better. I drove through consistent, relentless downpours for about an hour and a half. It was terrible and terrifying. At least I wasn’t hungry, though?


I came home to an empty fridge, but I didn’t want to buy lunch, so I needed to do some scrounging around to come up with something. I went with one of my “low on groceries, hodge podge meals” of an egg scramble. This one consisted of red onion, frozen broccoli, chicken sausage, and tomatoes that I picked from my mom’s garden (I was literally foraging for food), along with a few spices. I also had a bowl of grapes on the side. After my car ride from hell, this lunch was much needed.

FullSizeRender17 FullSizeRender18


At work, when I get a dinner break I eat food there. Tonight, I knew I’d be getting a break, and wasn’t sure what I could actually get from the (free) employee menu that would be a solid “back on track” dinner (our options are very limited). Luckily, the employee special (aka a meal that usually isn’t on the employee menu) was a chopped salad with grilled chicken. Score! The picture doesn’t do it much justice (I was trying to snap a quick one before other people in the break room saw me weirdly taking a picture of my food #bloggerprobs), but it was your basic house salad mix with grilled chicken, chickpeas, beets, and cucumber. I grabbed white balsamic dressing to top it with. Honestly, this is one of the best meals I’ve had at work. I would order it every time I ate there if I could.


Better than a chicken parm sandwich.


Since my fridge was barren of cottage cheese, I went for the one container of plain Greek yogurt that remained and made the Greek yogurt version of my typical cottage cheese + PB dessert (just realizing I ate two containers of Greek yogurt today, nothing wrong with that, just an observation), and, of course, a spoonful (or two) of PB. I’ve been separated from Teddie Super Chunk since Saturday (my family only had Skippy in Maine, rough life, I know), so I treated myself to a little extra.

FullSizeRender19 FullSizeRender-50

That’s the end of today’s eats! I think I did a pretty good job of getting back on track, even though I had a few curve balls making it harder to eat healthy than a normal day.

Questions for you lovely humans:

How do you get back on track after a period of being, well, not so healthy with your food choices?

What are your go-to snacks at rest stops/convenience stores?




7 thoughts on “WIAW #5: Back on Track, On the Road, and in Need of Groceries

    • kuliejulie says:

      Thanks again for hosting! It’s awesome that my work gives us free meals, but usually my options are pretty limited to chicken parm/other not so healthy options (I work in an Italian restaurant, btw). The salad was fantastic though!!


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