A Weekend of Lake House Hopping + Weekly Workous

Hello from Maine! I lucked out and had a few days off in a row, so I figured I’d take advantage of it and head up to my lake house while my parents are here. Even though my weekend is ending here, I did a bit of lake house hopping this weekend. Beyonce goes jet-setting and city hopping, I go state-to-state lake house hopping. We’re basically the same person.

On Saturday, I went to Maddie’s lake house in New Hampshire. She had a few friends up and we had a merry old time. Sadly, it wasn’t really warm enough to swim, but we found fun elsewhere. First, Maddie’s friend Willie taught us how to play the game Munchkin. It’s this weird, kind of strategy game that is supposed to be a play on Dungeons and Dragons (there are monsters and wizards and all of that stuff in Munchkin), and you win by slaying enough monsters to get to level 10. It involves a lot of backstabbing. Though it wasn’t the easiest game to learn, I actually really enjoyed it, even though when the game ended I was at level 4, while everyone else was at level 9 (well, and Willie made it to level 10 and won).

After hanging out at the house and playing Munchkin all afternoon (literally like 3 hours, apparently a game usually only lasts like 30 minutes), we were ready to get out for a bit. We headed to Portsmouth, NH, which, if you’re ever in the area, I would definitely recommend you explore. It’s right on the ocean and it has a bunch of shops, bars, and restaurants. It has a semi hipster vibe, but there are a lot of families there as well. Honestly, there’s something for everyone there. One really cool place (that, obviously, I forgot to take pictures of) was the Book and Bar, which is a bookstore/coffee shop/bar all in one. You can sit down with a beer and read a book there. How novel (HAH…novel…books…get it?)!

FullSizeRender8 FullSizeRender9

Cute Portsmouth street, fun Portsmouth friends.

We ended up wandering and going in-and-out of shops for a bit before sitting down to eat at the Riverfront Restaurant. We sat on the deck and had an amaaaaaazing view of the sunset.


Not the worst view.


Feeling pensive about said view.

Possibly more amazing than the sunset was the burger I had. I just ordered your standard cheeseburger (cooked medium with cheddar cheese), but holy crap it was great. Moist (that word, ew), but not overly juicy, and the perfect size for someone who hadn’t eaten an actual meal since breakfast (though I did gorge a little on grapes and chips + dip before we left Maddie’s, but that’s not really a substantial meal). The fries were also great and I became a proud member of the clean plate club.


May have taken a couple bites of this before I snapped a picture. Your girl was HUNGRY.

Post-Portsmouth, we went back to Maddie’s, looked at the crazy amount of stars outside, drank a bit, ate a lot (pretzel M&Ms and PB cup ice cream are addicting), and played Cards Against Humanity.

The next morning, we all woke up ready for breakfast, and headed to the local/only diner in town. I ordered a spinach + tomato + feta omelet with home fries and wheat toast. The omelet was pretty eh, but the home fries were delicious.


Right after breakfast, I went up to my lake house. I got a quick Nike Training Club workout in just after I arrived (I wanted to take advantage of the iced coffee that was still in my system), and then jumped in the lake and read on the dock for a bit. I ended up finishing The Last Summer by Ann Brashares. Mini review: it was okay, I found her language a bit flowery (do I sound like an a-hole saying that?) and the story was pretty predictable, but an easy, mildly entertaining summer read.

My parents and I had a bit of an expedition when we eventually headed out to get dinner. The restaurant we initially wanted to go to was closed on Sundays (weird, right?), so we went to a restaurant my parents had been to years ago that they claimed was great. Well, let’s just say they probably got new ownership between then and now because the service was awful. I think our server had too many tables or something, but it took forever just for us to get our drinks. We ended up just asking the server for our check after getting our drinks and hoped that the third restaurant we found would be a charm. We kind of just drove around for a bit hoping we would find something, and saw the Governer’s, another restaurant my parents had been to years ago. By this point we were all pretty hungry, so even though the outside looked like this:


Should I feel welcomed or creeped out by this dude?

And the inside looked very similar to iHop, I put my judgement aside because I wanted to eat. I ordered the lemon pepper broiled haddock with broccoli and sweet potato fries on the side and it was actually quite good (as was the service). I probably ate about 75% of my portion and then put the fork down. I have a problem with eating when I’m full, especially at restaurants, just because there’s still food in front of me. This time, I slowed down and actually assessed if I was still hungry or just bored-eating. Is this what intuitive eating feels like?


Just realizing I got fries with every meal this weekend (which is the true mark of a good weekend).

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. I’m linking up my weekend recap with Erin and Katie. Thanks for hosting! I’m in Maine for a couple more days, then it’s back to regular life. I’ve definitely had a fun little lake house hopping weekend!

Also, here’s my quick weekly workout wrap-up! I took two rest days this week because my knee/quad was hurting for a bit. Totally worth it because I’ve had a solid string of workouts since then!


MONDAY: Random Ab Day from the Blogilates August calendar



THURSDAY: 10 mile long run (9:48 pace)

FRIDAY: Nike Training Club Challenger workout

SATURDAY: 5 mile run (9:36 pace)

SUNDAY: Nike Training Club Body Remix + Core Crunch workouts

Questions for you lovely humans:

  1. Did you go anywhere/do anything exciting this weekend?
  2. Do you find yourself eating past when you’re full at restaurants just because the food is still in front of you and everyone else is eating?
  3. What is your favorite fitness app? I think mine is a tie between Nike Training Club and Run Keeper.




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