Running into the Double Digits


Sorry, I’m a wee bit excited. But yes, I ran 10 miles today and I felt pretty darn good about it. Even pre-run, I was feeling pretty calm about the mileage. Usually before a long run I get antsy/anxious I won’t be able to do it. Maybe it was the fact that it was 6 AM and I got maaaaaybe 4 hours of couch-sleep last night (insomnia struck me), so I just didn’t have the energy to worry about it. Perhaps it was also the addition of listening to Nicki Minaj Pandora to pump me up. Hey Mama (my current summer JAM…don’t judge) and Diva by Beyonce came up back-to-back right before I left. Obvi, I felt like I could conquer anything after that. Whatever the case may be, here’s to hoping I have this similar zen-ish feeling come race day.

It was also helpful to wake up to THIS weather report:


Okay, so 58 degrees is not ideal when that’s the high temperature on the forecast, but 58 degrees for running in the morning is absolutely perfect. Before heading out the door, I ate my typical slice of Ezekiel toast + PB + a banana + honey and a small cup of iced coffee, stretched, and was on my merry way.

I definitely focused on pacing myself during my run once again. It really is tough not to go all out right at first, but I know I need to save my energy so I can actually have energy later on. My pace did slow down a bit as the miles ticked on, but I was pretty consistent and had an overall pace of 9:48/mi. Not too shabby.

I took a bathroom break right in the middle of my run as I, conveniently, passed by my house, but other than that I kept on running. No walking breaks! I also tried out a new-to-me chew: Clif Shot Bloks. I ate one at mile 5ish, one at mile 6.5ish, and one at mile 9ish (I wasn’t checking to see what mile I was actually at, but I’m pretty sure these are about right).


In terms of providing me energy, I think that these Clif blocks actually did the best job (compared to GU Chomps and Pro Bar Chews). They tasted pretty decent, too (I got the strawberry flavor). My one gripe is that, holy crap, these things are hard to chew/eat. Maybe I just got a stale package or something, but biting into and chewing these things was tough. After taking a little bite out of the block I felt like I took a minute just trying to chew it and pick it out of my teeth. It was super annoying. TBH, the difficulty I had eating the blocks almost outweighs the benefit of them giving me the most energy. However, the main purpose of chews is to give me a little energy boost and keep me going. Thus, I declare Clif Shot Bloks as the energy chew winner.

Post run, I showered and ate a protein smoothie bowl, as per usual. We randomly had frozen peaches among our frozen fruit loot, and since peaches are delicious, I incorporated them into my smoothie. It was a bit too runny for my liking, but that was my bad. I blended it for too long. Whoops. It still tasted good.


This dramatically lit smoothie bowl consisted of: 1 cup frozen peaches + 1/2 of a frozen banana + 1 scoop vanilla protein powder + 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk + a splash of vanilla extract + a sprinkle of cinnamon + A handful of Puffins cereal on top for crunch.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to foam roll and stretch right after eating. I had to run to a meeting at my old high school/place I interned last school year to interview a guidance counselor for one of my classes (which both end on August 17! YAAAAS). On my way home, I stopped to get coffee and saw that the “flavor of the week” was chocolate peanut butter cup. I made the immediate decision to switch up my order and get that instead of my usual pistachio aaaaaaand….was pretty disappointed. Shoulda stuck to the pistachio. The coffee honestly did not taste flavored at all. I thought they may have just forgotten to put in the flavoring all together and just gave me a regular iced coffee. However, when I got home and my dad tried it, he said he could taste a pretty strong PB flavor, which leads me to believe I just have a really high PB tolerance (not sure if this is actually a real condition) at this point because I eat it like it’s going out of style.


A girl and her one true love coffee.

I’ve just about caught you up on my first double digit long run day. I did end up foam rolling and stretching once I got home. I made sure to give extra attention to my right quad/knee area, which I mentioned were hurting a bit in my last post. They didn’t really bother me during the run, nor did they feel any more sore than anything else post-run, but a little extra attention can’t hurt, right?

Well, I’m about to take a well-deserved nap and make lunch. Or make lunch and then nap. Either way, a nap is happening.

Also, linking up with Amanda for “Thinking Out Loud” Thursday (love this idea!) 🙂

Questions for you lovely humans:

1. How do you stay calm before an intense/long workout or a race you’re really excited for?

2. If you’ve tried the Clif Shot Blocks, did you find them really tough to eat? I’m not sure if I just got a stale package, or if that’s the norm.

3. What was the last new coffee/ice cream/whatever flavor you tried that made you wish you stuck with your go-to flavor? I tried snickerdoodle-flavored coffee a couple weeks ago and was, well…





4 thoughts on “Running into the Double Digits

    • kuliejulie says:

      Thanks!! And yes, high 50s/low 60s feels AMAZING, especially when it’s been so darn hot and humid lately. As long as it warms up in the afternoon, 58 degrees in the morning is fine by me!


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