Life Update: Tales of a New Laptop, Minor Injuries, and Documentaries

Hello from my NEW laptop! I made the switch from Mac back to PC. I got an HP something something something (Elizabeth is my techie friend and she helped me pick it out and made sure it had all the “specs” of a good computer, I know it’s an i7 and it has Windows 10…so that’s cool?). Like every big decision I’ve ever made in my life, I’m worried I made the wrong one. I mean, I really like this computer, but there is always that worry in the back of my mind that something will go wrong, or it will go downhill really quick, blah, blah, blah. Anxiety…stop.

Anyway, since I’ve been a bit MIA (speaking of MIA, her newest album is really good) for a bit, I figured I’d catch everyone up on a few little tidbits!

  • I’ve been really into watching YouTube videos about ultra runners and, like, ultra running documentaries. I don’t really plan on ever being an ultra runner (I’m not even sure if I ever even want to be a marathon runner tbh), but they’re super inspiring. They make me feel like “if this person can run 100 miles going up and down freaking mountains, then I can run a half marathon that, rumor has it, is a bit hilly.” I think my favorite thus far is this video about an ultra runner/filmmaker, Billy Yang’s, journey through the Western States 100 miler. It gives a great look into exactly what is going through Billy’s head as he deals with the slew of emotions and injury that comes from a 100 mile race. It’s really nicely edited as well.
  • I kind of hurt my knee/quad the other day. I was going to do a lunge at the gym and I felt something weird in my right knee/lower quad as I bent down. I kept going for a few more lunges, and then realized it would probably be a good idea to, you know, not do that anymore. I was never in excruciating pain, but I’ve taken the last couple days completely off from exercise to let it heal. I’ve been doing some foam/tennis ball rolling as well to open things up a bit. It’s been getting progressively better and I thiiiiink I’m gonna be able to do the 10 mile (double digits, holy canoli) long run I had planned for Tuesday tomorrow morning. We’ll see. I don’t want to push it but I hate taking lots of days off from working out. I know my body needs it, but I just feel, lazy. Once again, this may be my anxious, disordered brain telling me that if I take a few days off I’ll lose all my progress and everything will go to shit. Anxiety…stop.
  • On a similar note, this recent injury has caused me to take into consideration doing strength moves that really enhance my running in addition to my overall fitness. Intentionally strength training might be a good term for it? Basically, a couple times a week making sure I’m doing moves that really help prevent injury and increase my running ability. If you have any moves/routines in mind, send them my way homies!

That’s about it for now. Hope you enjoyed this little quickie update post!

Questions for you lovely humans:

1. Do you experience “decision regret” immediately after making a big decision, even when you know you probably made the right choice?

2. How do you deal with injury/being sick/whatever taking you out of your workout routine?

3. What is you favorite Italian food? I’m making plans to go to an Italian restaurant, Ralphie’s, that just re-opened in town tomorrow and they have the most amazing sauce. Usually I go for ravioli or pizza or something a bit more, um, special, when I go out for Italian, but at Ralphie’s all I need is a big ass plate of spaghetti with sauce. It’s perfect (and cheap 🙂 ).




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