WIAW #4: Going (slightly) Out of the Box

Hello and happy Wednesday! Half way to the weekend, holla! Today I’m joining the WIAW party again, and sharing my day of eats/a little look into my day yesterday.

Thank you Laura (at Sprint 2 the Table) for hosting. You rock!


Although this week is a step-back week, I did have a long-ish run on deck Tuesday. I started my day with the usual pre-run breakfast, Ezekiel toast + PB + banana + drizzle of honey, and a small cup of coffee to get me going. I usually eat the whole banana before my run, but froze the other half for (spoiler alert) a post-run smoothie bowl.


I probz have like 5 photos of this same meal.


After my run, I had a protein smoothie bowl consisting of: 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk + 1/2 a frozen banana + 1/2 cup frozen blueberries + scoop of vanilla protein powder + 2 tsp ground flax seed, and topped it with some Puffins for crunch. Oh, and some unpictured iced coffee, but you probably knew that already.


Apparently dramatically lit pictures of smoothie bowls are becoming a thing on this blog.


I spent the rest of my morning doing some stretching and foam rolling, blogging, and homework. I was feeling something a little different than my normal turkey wrap for lunch, and made a version of my creamy quinoa recipe. Most of the ingredients are the same, but since I can’t stay away from deli turkey completely, I used deli turkey instead of chicken sausage.



After lunch, I went to Marshalls (and got some sweeeeet Under Armour spandex) to give myself a break from homework (endless reading about behavioral therapy). Upon returning, I really wanted cottage cheese + PB. Usually this is what I’ll have for dessert, but the stomach wants what the stomach wants, and at that moment it wanted cottage cheese + PB. Hey, sometimes it’s good to step out of the everyday routine!


I’ve pretty much given up trying to make this look appetizing.


My dad made grilled chicken, so I chopped up a piece and threw it in a salad with baby spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and a mix of balsamic vinaigrette and lite caesar dressing (there wasn’t enough dressing in the balsamic bottle, so I got a little experimental and added in the lite caesar…it was a pretty good combo if I do say so myself).


Eaten outside, aka the best eating location.


After dinner, I hung out with Elizabeth and watched a lot of Real Housewives of New York (never seen this city before, and I really like it, pretty good for trashy tv 🙂 ). Before bed, I snacked on baby carrots + hummus, and, because I can’t completely throw all of my little food habits to the wind, a spoonful of PB.

FullSizeRender9 FullSizeRender-50

So that was my Tuesday eats in review! Hope you enjoyed, and let me know what the best thing you ate recently was!

Questions for you lovely humans:

1. Do you have any eating habits that you feel kinda weird going outside of? Not gonna lie, it felt a little weird eating cottage cheese + PB at 4:00 in the afternoon rather than right before bed.

2. If you’re a Real Housewives fan, what’s your favorite city? I only watch it occasionally, but I really think NY might be my favorite, although I do have a spot in my heart the Atlanta housewives.


6 thoughts on “WIAW #4: Going (slightly) Out of the Box

  1. Liv @ Healthy Liv says:

    I actually ate oatmeal for an afternoon snack today because I was testing an oatmeal “recipe” and it did feel kind of funny! I enjoyed it, though 🙂 And I love that you gave a spoiler alert for your other banana half- hahaha!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • kuliejulie says:

      Hahahah I people hate spoilers, so I figure I’ll give readers a fair warning. I hope the oatmeal recipe came out well! Now you can say it’s great for breakfast or a snack 🙂


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