Maybe I am a Morning Runner? (9 miles before 9 AM)

Okay, so obviously from the title you can prooooobably guess that I ran 9 miles this morning. If so, good job using context clues. I’m proud of you.


Couldn’t stop myself from shouting it from the SnapChat rooftops. I’m that person.

Anyway, YES, I ran 9 miles today at a steady pace (9:19 overall).


I almost didn’t go out this morning because I was worried it would be too hot/humid (we’re in a bit of a “heat wave” here in MA), but the weather seemed cool enough when my alarm went off at 6:30. After the usual pre-run breakfast (piece of Ezekiel toast + PB + a banana and a small cup of coffee), some stretching, and pumping myself up with some Taylor Swift (does this make me a “typical white girl?” Probably.), I put on a podcast (The most recent Rob Has A Podcast Spyson Hour), and headed out the door.

I felt so good during this run. I’ve been wanting to get better at pacing myself because I’ve always had the issue of starting too fast and losing steam too quickly. Today, I made myself slooooow down in the beginning. My run starts right off with a hill, and I usually almost-sprint up it just to get it over with. I made myself go up at a steady pace, and just keep trucking along at that pace. I didn’t stop to walk, though I did make a quick bathroom pit stop about half-way through (S/O to my friend Elizabeth’s mom for letting me use their bathroom šŸ™‚ ). I’m in the middle of my bag of Pro Bar chews, and I ate 2 around mile 4.5, and another 2 around mile 6.

Looking at my splits, I did a pretty solid job of keeping a steady pace (ignore the “mile 10” split, it took .01 miles for me to press “stop” on RunKeeper).


My pace gets a little slower towards the end, and I’m pretty sure the last mile is my fastest only because I sprinted for the last 0.15 of that mile. However, I felt strong after this run, like I could keep going, and I haven’t felt that way after all of my long runs. Pacing makes all the difference between feeling like death after a long run and feeling like, well, alive after a long run. Maybe 13.1 miles is attainable after all?

Another interesting thing I’ve noticed is that I actually seem to perform better during my absurdly early (at least in my mind) morning long runs compared to my evening long runs. It’s weird, because I’ve always felt like I am a better exerciser in general later in the day. Maybe it has to do with the summer weather, when it’s coolest in the morning, or maybe running longer distances requires those freshly-slept in legs that a shorter run or strength workout don’t require. Whatever the case may be, I really enjoy getting my long run done in the morning and being able to think to myself all day about how I ran _____ miles. I was even in a better-than-normal mood at work today. Perhaps the fact that I got my run done was why.


Picture I took right after my run on my walk back to my house. If you look closely you’ll see that there is a wooden carving of a horse’s head on top of that mailbox. Unsure of its purpose.

Welp, that about covers it for now. Once I got home from my run, I stretched, showered, and ate a protein smoothie bowl before rushing to work. Now that I’m back from work, I’ve foam rolled and done some “yoga for runners” (loving this Yoga With Adriene video). Be on the lookout for a WIAW tomorrow, and a recipe post sometime later this week!

Questions for you lovely readers:

1. Do you listen to podcasts when you run/in general? What are some of your favorites?

2. On a scale of 1-10, how awesome do you feel after you finish a tough morning workout (whether it’s running, strength, swimming, yoga, cycling, whatever your groove is)? Not gonna lie, I’ve been at a solid 10 on the feeling awesome scale all day.


5 thoughts on “Maybe I am a Morning Runner? (9 miles before 9 AM)

  1. jimmielrsn says:

    I prefer music, mostly ambient or meditationstuff… Keeps me from speeding up with out thinking, ’cause of the tempo… And running for me, is like meditating really, clearing my head and just being in the moment.

    The first month I ran… I felt great after alright, but during – notsomuch… Now, I love every bit of it… And the energy boost, enhanced focus, and my overall mood throughout the day after working out, is just otherworldly…

    Anyway, great read Julie! Keep up and have fun milechasing o/

    Liked by 1 person

    • kuliejulie says:

      Thanks! It’s definitely a struggle to keep a steady pace, especially in the beginning when you really do have the energy to go faster! I’ll definitely check out the Runner’s Connect podcasts šŸ™‚


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