My First Race & Weekly Workouts

Hi friends! I hope everyone had a faaaaaantastic weekend. Mine was pretty low-key. I worked Friday and Saturday night, did last minute homework on Friday after work (due at 11:59 PM, done at 11:30 PM…living on the edge), and went out for drinks with friends on Saturday.

The most exciting part of my weekend was probably my first ever race on Sunday! It was a small 5K race (Live for Liv in Westford, MA), and my friend Maddie and I signed up super last minute (as in I signed up Friday night and Maddie signed up Saturday morning). We figured we should at least get our feet wet with the whole race-running procedure (registration, starting line, yadda yadda) before we run the big half marathon in August.

Maddie and I got to the course around 10:15, picked up our numbers and got our free t-shirts (all about the swag), and just hung out until it was time for the race to start at 11.


Running game faces on.

We all gathered at the starting line together and the race began pretty…unceremoniously? We assumed there would be some sort of pre-race speech or something, but all of a sudden everyone started running so we sort of just, ran with it (HAH). It was pretty hot and humid today, which kind of worried me, but it was totally fine. The course was pretty shady. It was kind of hilly, but for every uphill  there was a downhill, so it wasn’t much of an issue. I passed some people and some people passed me. I think the race environment did push me to run a little faster than usual. For a 5K, I think this is fine, but during the half marathon I don’t want to be pushing myself to go faster just because there are people passing me. Pacing is definitely something I am going to be focusing on in these next few weeks.

I crossed the finish line at something like 25:40 (the official times haven’t come out yet). According to RunKeeper, I had a pace of 8:41/mile, but it said the course was only 2.93 miles. That may have been an error on RunKeeper’s part, or maybe the course wasn’t quite 3.1 miles. I’m not that worried about it. I was happy to see that I actually had negative splits. My last mile was faster than my first!

The whole experience was really fun, and made both Maddie and I a bit more comfortable and excited about our half marathon in a little more than a month. We at least know what to expect once we arrive at the half marathon and whatnot.

Some post-run eats from today included a banana+mango+spinach protein radioactive sludge smoothie bowl and big salad with eggs-over easy (the runny yolks + dressing combo = perfection).

FullSizeRender-42 FullSizeRender-45

Obvi, I couldn’t not eat ice cream on National Ice Cream Day. In true National spirit, I went out for ice cream tonight and got a bowl of chocolate overload. The heat and humidity made it a little melty, but delicious nonetheless.


The ice cream place we went to was by the river (aka the running route I talk about a lot). It looked pretty/kind of ominous tonight.


Storms a-brewin.

My first race was a great end to this week’s workouts, which, speaking of…

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 8.5 mile run (9:53 pace)

Wednesday: Hot yoga

Thursday: 4 mile run (9:02 pace) + Blogilates “Booty Booty Booty” video (one of my faaaaavorite butt videos, killer in a good way) + Blogilates 5 min flat abs video

Friday: 4.5 mile run (8:57 pace) + Sarah Fit Butt W/O + Blogilates’ Extreme Abs 2 (one of the hardest ab videos of her’s)

Saturday: 10 min elliptical warm up + Total body strength at the gym (hadn’t been there in a hot minute) + Blogilates’ Hot Abs video

Sunday: 5K race (8:41 pace) + an at home strength W/O from Sarah Fit’s book (PS I really like her book)

Overall a pretty solid week of workouts, I even got myself back in the gym! I usually only run 3 days a week, but when I woke up Friday I was in a running mood and the weather was perfect, so I figured I’d take that as a sign from the universe to go for a run.

Try to survive Monday! Treat yourself to some extra coffee, no one will judge you.

Questions for you lovely humans:

1. Have you run a race before? Do you remember your first race and have any tips for races?

2. How do you pace yourself, especially if you’re running a race and have the urge to pass people, even when it’s not in your best interest? Once again, I need tips homies!

3. Did you celebrate National Ice Cream Day today? (Even if you’re not from the States, it still counts!)




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