Laid-Back Weekend: Eats & Fun + Weekly Workouts

Monday, Monday, Monday, it’s upon us again (well, it’s technically Sunday night as I’m writing this, but I predict Monday will probably be happening tomorrow). Though, not really having a full-time job and taking online classes in the summer makes my weeks a little less “Monday-Friday work grind”-y. Ya know what I mean? Even still, with many of my friends having full time jobs, and just the vibe of the weekend, it’s always a little sad to come back to Monday. This weekend was fun, relaxing, and a little bit productive. Definitely a good mix. How was your weekend?!

Friday morning started with yoga with my friend Elizabeth. Neither of us actually wanted to go, but the fact that we had made the commitment to each other made both of us go. I suppose it’s true what they say about making a work out date with friends. Both of us would have totally bailed had it just been one of us going, but we didn’t want to bail on each other. Ah, the beauty of friendship.

Friday night was a bit more wild. A few friends and I went downtown to our old college stomping grounds (okay, so we graduated 2 months ago and live like 20 minutes away, they’re still our stomping grounds I suppose). It was a little weird being there in the summer, there were definitely less people, but we still ran into people we know (inculding two people I went to middle school with…whaaaat?), had a few drinks, and finished the night off with mozzarella sticks (kind of our tradition from college, #healthylifestyle).

Aaaaaand of course, I didn’t take any pictures of it. Classic me (I’m going to get better, just give me time!).

Saturday and Sunday were a bit more low-key. Saturday consisted of getting up at 11:45 (whoops, but in my defense I went to bed at like 3 AM), chillin with my family and getting in a quick workout, and then working at 4. Sunday started off wit a 6 AM run (after getting approximately no sleep (one of those “think about everything you’ve ever been anxious about” nights), not sure why I was able to spring out of bed so early) to beat the (first time this year) 90 degree heat and get my workout in before work at 9.


Snapped this before my run. 6 AM is a pretty and peaceful time, I will give it that.

Even though I needed to take a nap once I got home from work, I kind of love waking up suuuuuper early and working out, even though I feel like I perform a bit better later in the day. Anyone with me?

A couple eats from this weekend I wanted to share:

Mango-blueberry smoothie bowl (with granola on top):


Had this after yoga on Friday. I basically followed this recipe from Daily Burn, but only used one scoop of protein powder, and added a couple teaspoons of ground flaxseed. HOLY CANOLI it was so good. I honestly thought it would be kind of “meh,” but I was 100% proven wrong.

Semi-Homemade (though not with Sandra Lee) Margherita Pizza:


My mom has started growing basil in her garden, and my family has certainly benefitted from it. This weekend, she made homemade-ish margherita pizza, and it was bomb. She made some on (unpictured) Boboli crust, and then more on a loaf of french bread. Both were delicious, and I definitely want to try making the crust from scratch next time.

And, of course, here are my workouts from the past week:

Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: 8 mile run (9:19 pace).

Wednesday: Nike Training Club “True Condition” Workout (tough, but not unbearable, also I love the NTC app).


Thursday: A hilly and humid 4 mile run (9:10 pace) + Caroline Jordan Pilates workout (I skipped the yoga at the end).

Friday: Hot yoga.

Saturday: A hodge-podge at home strength/sort of HIIT workout – warmed up with Blogilates’ Food Baby workout (it’s killer) + this at-home strength routine from Life in Leggings (which reminded me that I need to get dumbbells that are heavier than 5 lbs) + Blogilates’ Victoria Secret Ab Workout.

Sunday: 4 mile run (8:59 pace) + a Blogilates’ butt workout + a Caroline Jordan butt and abs workout.

I did my strength training at home this week, so Wednesday and Saturday looked a lot like this:


Definitely planing on 1. trying to actually go to the gym once a week and 2. getting heavier dumbbells to make at-home workouts a bit more challenging.

I hope everyone had a GR8 weekend and here’s to hoping this week brings happiness as well!

A few questions for you lovely humans:

1. What are some workouts online/YT videos you recommend? I like challenging but not completely impossible 🙂

2. What was the most fun thing you did this weekend? Definitely going out on Friday for me!

3. Thoughts on Semi-Homemade’s Sandra Lee? I ironically love her, at least, I think it’s ironic.




2 thoughts on “Laid-Back Weekend: Eats & Fun + Weekly Workouts

  1. whatmelodysays says:

    I’m definitely going to give some of the links you listed for workouts a try, I need some more variety in my exercise routine! I do a lot of at home workouts from videos on youtube and two of the accounts I really enjoy using are BeFiT and XHIT. They have so many different workouts on their channels, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits in with what your aims are – and of course you can change the weights used to whatever weight you wanted to either make it more challenging or a little easier. 🙂


    • kuliejulie says:

      Yes! I highly highly recommend the Blogilates ones. Her workouts are hard but do-able. Also, she’s super body-positive which is awesome. I’m definitely going to check out BeFit and XHIT. Thanks for the recommendations!


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