Friday Favorites #1: The First Friday Favorites

Woohoo! My first Friday Favorites post. TBH, I’ve been wanting to write one for the past couple weeks, but life keeps getting in my way of having it ready for Friday. Yeah, yeah, I could just write a favorites post on a different day, but where’s the alliteration in that?

I’m linking up my favorites with Heather, Jill, and Clare. Thanks for hosting ladies!

New Running Shoes


I’ve had my Mizuno Wave Inspire 11’s for a couple weeks now, and they are working out QUITE well. It’s amazing how a new pair of running shoes can make your runs so much better. I didn’t even realize what I was missing until I traded in my (waaaaay too old) Wave Inspire 10’s for these bad boys. Plus I’m diggin the bright-but-light-maybe-its-turquoise color.

Fuel belt/hyrdating on the run:


Having water available to me whenever I need it during a long run is GREAT. Once again, something I didn’t realize would make a difference until I had it. I feel a little middle-aged mom with my “running fanny pack,” as I call it, but it fits well, doesn’t bother me, and most importantly, it keeps water with me! (As for the Gu Chomps: I definitely like them. Not sure if I’d say they’re a favorite because they’re the first running fuel I’ve tried.)

Pistachio iced coffee:


The local-ish coffee chain in my area (Heav’nly Donuts…think Dunks but better food/coffee) has pistachio iced coffee and it’s SO GOOD. Would 100% recommend.

Speaking of iced coffee…

Iced coffee travel cup:


I got this at Marshall’s for like $4 as a way to bring iced coffee with me to work in the morning so I would stop spending all my money on the aforementioned pistachio iced coffee (I try to limit myself to 1-2 times a week). In the past couple weeks, it has more than paid for itself because I’ve definitely spent waaaay less money on iced coffee.

Doing homework outside:


Okay, so maybe the “doing homework” part isn’t a fave, but enjoying the freaking beautiful weather we’ve had lately on the patio makes doing homework a little less sucky.

Eggs-over-easy (with runny yolks) on salad:


I am a firm believer that you can add almost any non-dessert food to a salad and it will taste good. Recently, I was craving eggs and a salad, so I made some runny, sunny-side-up eggs, sprinkled some pepper and smoked paprika on top, and put them in a salad with balsamic vinaigrette. The combo of the warm runny yolk with the dressing was bomb dot com.

Applesauce as a pre-workout snack:

Right before I work out, I like to have a small, carby snack that will easily digest and give me a bit of energy. Fruit is always my go-to, usually in the form of half a banana. One day we literally had no fruit in the house (we were in desperate need of a grocery trip), and I dug some applesauce out of the fridge. I don’t think I’ve actually eaten applesauce since middle school, but it was actually pretty delicious and was the perfect amount of food for right before a workout.



Another food I haven’t had in forever is cherries. I have memories of eating them on my friend’s family’s boat and spitting out the pits into the ocean when I was younger. My sister randomly got them at the grocery store, and I’ve been hooked ever since. They’re delightful! Also, apparently they have melatonin (or something) in them, so they help you sleep better? I haven’t done much research on that front, but as a semi-insomniac, I probably should look into it a bit more.

Big Brother:

(image source)

I am a HUGE Survivor fan, and Big Brother is my summer replacement (also, they talk about it a lot on Rob Has A Podcast, which is my favorite podcast, so it’s nice to know what they’re talking about on the podcast when they talk about the show). I’m really liking this season so far. The cast seems like an immense improvement from the sheeple they had on last season. My favorites are probably Johnny Mac, Jason, and Da’Vonne (though I’m pretty sure she’s going home this week-don’t tell me though, I haven’t watched the episode yet!). Not a fan of the “Battle of the Block” coming back and the weekly “BB Takeover” twist, but so far they haven’t  screwed anything up. Let’s hope it stays that way!

Well, that about does it for my Friday Favorites!

Questions for you lovely humans:

1. What are some of your favorites from this week?

2. Do you watch Big Brother/any other stupid summer reality shows? Big Brother is my one trashy summer reality show, but I have a soft spot in my heart for The Challenge on MTV.




4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #1: The First Friday Favorites

  1. Amy @ Life to the Full says:

    I could use a Pistachio iced coffee right now! That sounds amazing – never had pistachio-flavored coffee before. My husband and I end up watching the Netflix series “Parenthood” some nights and that’s our stupid show of the last few months. I hate how I get hooked on series TV shows!

    Favorites of this week: Our newborn sleeping on me as I type this! And early morning runs while my boys are sleeping 🙂 Happy Friday!
    Amy @

    Liked by 1 person

    • kuliejulie says:

      Netflix is the best/worst thing ever! It’s a great way to kill time, but sometimes you end up killing tooooo much time. My friend Andrew really likes Parenthood, so I may start watching it.

      Happy Friday to you too, hope you get some pistachio iced coffee (or any sort of iced coffee) very soon 🙂


  2. jillconyers says:

    Cherries are definitely on my favorites list right now and almost anything is better if it’s done outside. Have an awesome weekend and thanks for sharing with Fitness Friday!


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