4th Fun and Weekly Workout Recap

Hello, hello! Long time no blog. My B, but I’m back and better than ever (okay, that’s a lie, I’m back and pretty much the same as I was last time we chatted on Wednesday). I hope everyone had an awesome weekend, whether or not you were out celebrating the 4th!

My weekend was really great. I had Friday off AND Saturday off, a true rarity, so I definitely got some fun in. Friday was pretty low-key, it started with yoga, had some shopping in the afternoon, and ended with finishing up some homework (craaaaazy Friday night, right?).

Saturday, the 4th, had a lot more in store. Like a true American, I ate my way through the day (and like a forgetful blogger, I didn’t take pictures of any of my food, whoops!). I started off at my best friend Elizabeth’s family cookout. I filled my plate with grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, and a little salad, just to say I ate some veggies. Obviously, I couldn’t say no to dessert, which was a classic vanilla cake + cool whip frosting + strawberries and blueberries flag cake. YUM. There was a pool at the house, but it got kind of cold and rainy by the time I would have wanted to jump in, so it was a no-go on the pool.

Picture this cake, but maybe with a couple less presentation points (Image source).

For dinner, I headed back to the my house for a little cookout with my family. Luckily, the sun came back out and we (aka my dad) were still able to cook on the grill, and we ate outside. On the menu were cheeseburgers and salad, nothing too fancy, but delicious nonetheless!

From my parents house, I went to my friend Allee’s apartment for a night of celebrating America with beer, snacks, and friends (I would also like to add that I killed it at beer pong, which never happens, it was a 4th of July miracle!). A great way to end a fantastically free day!


Elizabeth and I. Smiling because we’re proud Americans.

Sunday, I woke up bright and early (afternoon) at 11. I kind of hate sleeping in that late, but I had sort of a late night, so I deserved it, right? I kind of hung around all morning and did some homework, nothing too exciting. I had to work at 2:30, and brought my gym clothes with me so that I could head straight to the gym once I got out (because, let’s be real, if I went home first, I probably would have gone straight to pjs + chill out for the night mode).

 Some eats from yesterday (healthifying a bit after eating everything in sight on the 4th):

Fannetastic Food’s Microwave Banana Oatmeal (made with almond milk), with PB2 mixed in and strawberries on top.


Salad with baby spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, red onion, and grilled chicken. Topped with balsamic vinaigrette.


I left work earlier than expected, and still had some daylight on my side. Instead of going to the boring gym, I figured I’d have a nice little evening run. I went to a running route I used to do at lot at school by the river, and it was just lovely. The sun was setting, families were out walking or riding their bikes, the atmosphere was awesome.


Taken right after my run/right after the sun had set. Hard to have a bad run with this gorgeous view!

Also, since it’s the end of the week (well, technically the beginning of a new week) I want to do a quick little weekly workout recap. I like reading these on other blogs, so why not have it on mine too (I’m such a copy cat)?

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 7.5 mile run (9:15 min/mi)

Wednesday: This strength routine at the gym. Harder than it looks!

Thursday: 4 mile run (8:57 min/mi) + butt/thighs + abs

Friday: Hot yoga

Saturday: Blogilates “Abs day” from a random day on the June Calendar

Sunday: 4 mile run (9:05 min/mi)

My legs were hurting a lot on Saturday, which is why I did the Blogilates Abs Day rather than a more total-body type workout (which I would have preferred). It’s hard for me to change things up, because I like to get a total body workout in when I can. However, I know it’s better to let my legs rest while doing something, rather than pushing myself and creating further issues.

Well I’m off, I have to do some last-minute reading before my online class session starts at 6 (grad school has not changed my procrastinate-y ways). BUT FIRST (excuse me as I turn into Julie Chen)…questions for you lovely readers!

1. What was your favorite part of the weekend?

2. What’s your favorite “cookout food?” Honestly, I must say a juicy cheeseburger is my favorite. Or maybe steak tips…okay, pretty much anything on the grill I’m into.

2. Do you like weekly workout recaps?

3. Do you have a hard time slowing down when you’re sore? What do you do to workout (or not workout) when your body’s in need of a little tlc?




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