Running (late) for Mexican Food

Hello, hello! A bit of a late-night post today (it’s currently 11:56 PM), but I wanted to put something up before I went to bed. Today was my long run! I was planning on getting it done in the morning, but when I got up at 7:30 I was not feeling it. Usually I can make myself get up and push through if it’s a shorter run/strength/yoga day (essentially anything but a long run day), but I need to be in the right mindset for a long run, so I figured I’d wait until later in the afternoon (once it wasn’t quite as hot and there would be more shade). I went out to lunch with my grampy and kind of lounged around all day. I was also experiencing a sort of dull knee pain. I was thinking I might not go for a run, but once 5:00 rolled around I decided I should just get out at do it, and if my knee started hurting I’d stop (spoiler alert: it did not start hurting, and I completed the 7.5 miles I had planned for today!).

Today was my first time using “real” running fuel (as in, like, the stuff sold to eat specifically during distance running/intense workouts) in the form of GU Chomps. It was also my first time running with a “fuel belt” (aka super cool running fanny pack) and hydrating during my run.


Fuel + fuel belt ready to rumble


Me looking kewl AF with my fuel belt, also ready to rumble.

I was definitely happy to have water with me. It was still pretty hot and humid (it actually started lightly raining at one point), and it was really nice to grab a sip of water when I needed it. I think the GU Chomps were helpful (and pretty yummy, would recommend the black cherry flavor). I ate two around mile 4 and one more around mile 5.5. I seemed not to lose as much energy by the end. I did have to walk when I ate them. Running and chewing just didn’t seem to mix, plus I was a little tired and welcomed the brief (about 45 seconds) walking breaks. The two times I walked to eat my GU Chomps were my only walking breaks!

I think the benefits of the GU Chomps are reflected in my average pace. During long runs, it’s usually about 9:30ish min/mi, but I cut it down by a solid 15 seconds. Maybe the extra fuel + extra water were what I needed to kick it up a notch!


Solid stats!

After my run, I did some stretching and wanted to foam roll, but I was already running (hah) late to meet up with friends for dinner. I decided to forgo foam rolling and quickly jumped in the shower and got ready to head to a local-ish Mexican restaurant, El Potro. I also figured I’d skip out on a post run protein smoothie since I’d be eating a big Mexican meal in a little bit.

Both of my friends had raved about El Potro before, but, I must admit, the service kind of sucked. We waited an hour plus to get our food. The restaurant didn’t seem too busy, and other, bigger parties were getting their meals before us, even though they ordered after us. From working in a restaurant, I know that often times it’s the kitchen’s fault for food taking so long, but even still, our server wasn’t super attentive or apologetic for the food taking forever. Of course, it was great to have the catch up time to chat with Maddie and Jaclyn, but we were all kind of starving (I was really regretting my decision not to make a smoothie, or at least have some sort of snack, before meeting them).

Sadly, my meal wasn’t great. I got a taco salad with shredded chicken, but it was super dry. It definitely could have used more salsa or something. I ended up pouring some of the left-over salsa from our chips just to get it nice and moist (that word, ew).


I apologize for the terrible picture, but tbh the meal wasn’t much better than the picture quality anyway.

Even though I had a bad first experience, I’ll probably go back. Maddie and Jaclyn both enjoyed their meals, so I’ll just be sure to try something different. My friends also said that the service is usually much better, so I guess I’ll give it a second chance.

Side note: The moon was really pretty, so I snapped a picture before I went home.


Hella artsy.

Once I got home, I did the foam rolling I intended to do earlier, and now I’m icing my knee in hopes of avoiding any future pain. I’ll probably do a Caroline Jordan stretching video (seriously, her stretching videos (and exercise videos) are GR8, check her out) and then call it a night.


Rollin, rollin, rollin on the foam roller.

Overall, my day off was pretty successful, I hung out with my grampy before my run (he’s quite the character), ran 7.5 miles, and had a lovely time with lovely friends in the evening. Back to work tomorrow, though!

Questions for you cool cats:

1. Do you use fuel when you run? Do you think it’s helpful?

2. What is your go-to Mexican restaurant order? I usually go for some sort of salad/burrito bowl option, but I guess I will have to try something outside my Mexican food box next time I go to El Potro

3. What is your ideal day off?




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