Free-Forming It

I didn’t really have one cohesive subject I wanted to blog about today, so here are some thoughts and happenings that are being typed out as they come into my brain:

1. I randomly got a migraine today. I get one every few months, but they usually happen at night. Today, around 10:45, I was in the shower after my run, and the vision in my right eye started getting blurry. I guess this is what you’d call my migraine “aura” (basically the weird thing that happens to your body right before you get a migraine…essentially the closest I’ll get to being a psychic like Raven).

It’s the future (migraine) I can see.

I managed to get dressed and eat breakfast before the migraine actually hit, but as anyone who gets migraines knows, once they hit, you’re pretty much down for the count. I basically just layed on my couch for a couple hours falling in and out of sleep. Luckily, it only lasted until about 1:30.

2. Now, I’m sitting outside enjoying the weather. Thank god the WiFi reaches out here. TBH I probably woudn’t sit outside as much if I didn’t have Internet. Lame? Yes. I am a true millennial.

3. I also just ate lunch out here, and obvi I snapped a picture real quick. Hey, I have a “healthy living-ish” blog now, I might as well share my lunch with you! Today was a super typical Julie lunch: A wheat wrap with turkey, tomato, red bell pepper, spicy brown mustard, and salsa inside, plus baby carrots and hummus (and unpictured grapes to round everything out).


4. I’m obsessed with the American Eagle Sky High Shortie. They are the perfect high-waisted-but-not-too-high-waisted shorts. They’re short, but not toooooo short. I have a feeling I’ll be living in these babies this summer. They can be casual, they can be dressy(ish), or they can be part of a night on the town outfit depending on what shirt/shoe combo I pair them with. Right now I only have them in the dark rinse color, but I have a feeling (possibly another Raven-esque vision) that I’ll be buying the lighter ones soon. Here’s just a quick little OOTD (taken with the self-timer on my iPhone, which I’ve never used before but have a feeling more OOTDs will be taken this way in the future (woah, another Raven moment?!)).


The tank is from Forever 21…like 90% of the clothes I own #cheapycheap

5. On the same sort of fashion tangent, let’s talk hair for a sec (thinking about fashion led me to thinking about beauty, and I’m pretty sure hair products fit into the beauty category). I’m in the market for a good wave/beachy hair spray type product. I have weird kinda straight/kinda wavy/kinda frizzy hair (please refer to the picture above), so I think I’d benefit from something that would enhance the waves and…de-enhance (?) the frizz. Any suggestions?

6. I’ve been getting up early all this week to work out, and it’s felt great. I’m not a morning person, but getting my ass up, getting it done, and beating the heat make me feel like a rockstar. Here’s to hoping this is a recurring theme this summer!

That’s about it for now. I have to leave for work (womp, womp) in like 15 minutes, so I should probably get ready for that.

Some queries for you lovely humans:

1. Do you get migraines, and if so do you get some sort of weird migraine “aura?”

2. What is a typical lunch for you?

3. Can we get the wheels (or Boyz) in motion for a That’s So Raven Reunion? That would be so rad.




2 thoughts on “Free-Forming It

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    aww sorry about the migraines! that sucks 😦 luckily i don’t have that problem, but i sympthaize anyway! i love your tank too – simple, but the color makes it unique 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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