What I Ate Wednesday 6/24: Julie’s First WIAW

My very first “What I Ate Wednesday” (WIAW for short, you know I love abbrevs). WHAT a milestone. Okay, not really. I’m kind of excited though. I am linking up with the WIAW party (created by the lovely Jenn at Peas and Crayons ), on Sprint 2 the Table. Thanks Laura for hosting! So, without further ado, here’s all of my eats from yesterday!


I got up early to get my 7 mile long run in before it got hot and stormy (we had tornado warnings for all of 5 minutes yesterday, not too common for Massachusetts). So breakfast part 1 was a piece of toast with peanut butter and a banana. Oh, and of course a smidgen of iced coffee on the side to get me ready to RUNble.


Post run, I made part 2 of breakfast: a protein smoothie bowl (smoothie bowl > smoothie in a cup) with frozen mango, frozen mixed berries, vanilla protein powder, and a little bit of unsweetened vanilla almond milk (juuuuust enough to get the blender going). If I’m just having a smoothie bowl for breakfast, I’ll add granola on top for extra crunch + staying power, but since I already ate a solid base pre-run, I stuck with just the smoothie.


Oh, and of course I finished off the rest of the pot of iced coffee that was in the fridge. The small glass I drank pre-run was not going to cut it for my caffeine-addicted self.


A cup of happiness.

Snack Attack:

I had a doctor’s appointment and ran some errands after breakfast, so I packed some almonds in my purse just in case I got hungry between breakfast and lunch (naturally, I got hungry and ate them). IMG_2324


I was feeling eggs and veggies when I got home. So I sauteed a random assortment of veggies (red bell pepper, red onion, frozen broccoli, mushrooms, and tomatoes), threw in a couple of slices of deli turkey, poured 2 whisked-up eggs over all of it, and finally added a wedge of Laughing Cow light Swiss cheese for good measure (along with smoked paprika, adobo, and oregano for a little flavaaaa). I will be the first to admit that this meal does not photograph well, but I love egg scrambles like this. They’re delicious, super easy to make, and provide you with a pretty solid dose of veggies.


I also ate a bowl of fruit (strawberries + blueberries + grapes) after my scramble. Gotta have something sweet!



I still had my Not Your Average Joes $15 off birthday coupon, so my friend Elizabeth and I went there for dinner. Obviously, I started off with a piece of (unpictured) bread and oil (which is to die for). For our entree, we ordered a Margarita pizza to split (and to take a couple pieces home…hello today’s lunch!).


Since I still had a little of the $15 left, we had to get dessert (right?). We split the molten chocolate cake. ‘Twas amazing.



Even though I didn’t necessarily have the lightest of dinners, I got hungry later yesterday night. Maybe it was the 7 mile run earlier (maybe not, but whatever the case may be, I was hungry and therefore I was going to eat something). I whipped up one of my favorite late night snacks, cottage cheese + PB (or PB2 in last night’s case). It might sound gross, and, once again, another meal that doesn’t photograph amazingly well, but it’s delicious. Trust me. I’m planning on sharing the (super simple) recipe on the blog soon.


And finally, because I rarely go to bed without doing this, I had a spoonful of PB (Teddie Super Chunk, only the best for this PB addict).


My one true love.


Well, that was what I ate in a day. Maybe not the healthiest of days, but I’m sure future WIWAs may feature more salads and less molten chocolate cake. It’s all about balance.

So, a couple questions for you lovely humans:

1. What did you eat yesterday, or today, or whenever? I’m curious.

2. Smooth or chunky PB? I’m totally a chunky person, but if smooth is all that’s available I’m not complaining!




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