The 7 Mile Hump & New Sneakz

I RAN 7 MILES THIS MORNING. Okay, I know to some this may not seem like a lot, but for some reason this 7 mile hump in my half marathon training plan seemed like such a tough mileage to tackle. Yeah, I’m going to be running 11 miles for my last long run, and, you know, 13.1 miles during the half marathon, but this 7-miler just seemed like my first big training challenge. I said I had a distance PR last week, but that was only by about a quarter of a mile. This is my first big distance PR milestone (pun intended, HAH), and I could not be happier.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 3.12.25 PM

RunKeeper, you dear.

A few little tidbits from this run:

1. I did stop halfway through at my house for a quick bathroom break. No matter what I do, I always seem to need to poop (sorry if this is tmi, move on to the next tidbit if you’d like) during my long run. It’s so annoying! I always make sure I go before I leave, and even though I did drink a small amount of coffee beforehand (it was only about 8 oz, which is like nothing to a coffee fiend like myself), I ate a piece of toast + PB + a banana, which shouldn’t really have much of an affect on my stomach. If anyone has any advice about this kind of, um, personal, topic, it would be greatly appreciated!

2. I also stopped and walked for like 30 seconds around mile 6. I’m not proud I did but oh well, in the end it helped me finish stronger.

3. I experimented with eating on my run for the first time! I didn’t have any type of GU or the typical running-fuel things (I bought some today for my next long run, however), so I ate some raisins right around mile 5. It is kind of weird to chew and run at the same time, and I’m not really sure if the raisins actually gave me an energy boost (please refer back to the fact that I had to walk for a bit at mile 6). Hopefully the GU chomps I bought will be more affective. I literally had no idea what little energy-boost squares I should buy, so I just picked up the Black Cherry GU Chomps. Let me know what mid-run fuel you like best. I plan on getting a little experimental over my next few long runs.

4. Speaking of fuel, I need to get a fuel belt, specifically one with a little water bottle attached. I’ve noticed that I get thirsty by the end of my run (and I am a supremely sweaty being who would benefit from some water mid-long run). Most of my running routes don’t pass by any water fountains, so the water bottle feature is kind of necessary. Comment if you have any fuel belt + water bottle combo recommendations as well (that aren’t super expensive, homegirl is not made of money).

5. This was my last run with my old sneakers. I’ve had these Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s for far too long (more than a year, and I usually try to replace my running shoes every 6 months-ish, whoops), so It’s time to bid them adieu. I’m happy their swan song was this nifty little 7-mile PR though. Always good to go out on a high note.


It’s been real, old friends.

I suppose that leads me into part 2 of this post…I got new running shoes (thanks to mom and dad for the running store gift card for my birthday, you guys rock, don’t ever change)!!!!

I stuck with what I know and like (and what I was recommended when I did a running shoe fitting last year) and got the Mizuno Wave Inspires, but they’re the new lucky number 11’s. I’m a total over-pronator, and these are great at supporting my arches.


New shoes, you rule, you rule, new shoes.

I also got a new pair of the Superfeet Berry insoles. I need all the support I can get.


You’re p cool too, additional arch support.

Super excited to wear these out for a run in a couple days. I always find myself a little more excited to work out when I have new things to wear.

Some questions for you lovely humans:

1. Any tips for, um, not having to use the bathroom while running? (Seriously, though, it’s important!)

2. What are you thoughts about stopping to walk for a little bit during a run?

3. What is your favorite mid-run fuel?

4. How do I still look cool while wearing a fuel belt? Is it possible? (TBH, I probz don’t look cool while I’m running anyway, so maybe the fuel belt will actually make me look cooler)




3 thoughts on “The 7 Mile Hump & New Sneakz

  1. Dans Thoughts says:

    I can barely run 1 mile, so dont undermine your 7, to me its inspiring.

    As far as the poop question goes, It happens to the best of us lol…. even Paula Radcliffe. In 2005, on her way to winning the London Marathon, the women’s world record holder was forced to stop on the side of the road and take a dump in front of thousands of fans. She went on to win the race after pooping, saying that cramps had been bothering her.
    So my advice is for a short run warm-up in advance which can be enough to get the bowels moving and help you empty everything out before the start, which is by far the best way to avoid having to stop later.


    • kuliejulie says:

      Thanks Dan! I had actually heard that story about Paula Radcliffe, not gonna lie that was a pretty badass move done by her. I’ll definitely try the short warm-up next time.
      Also, it’s taken me a whiiiiiile to get to 7 miles. If you wanna get there, you can totally do it, and if running isn’t your goal, that’s cool too. Do you!

      Liked by 1 person

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