Goodbye Gym?

Since coming home from school, I’ve been heavily debating cancelling my gym membership, at least for the summer. When I lived in my apartment at school, I was able to go to the little on-campus gym in my building that was clean, had nice, modern equipment, and usually wasn’t super busy.

Sadly, I graduated and moved back home, so now I’ve been relegated to the $10/month cheap gym in my town. I cooooould go to the nice gym in town, but the monthly cost is definitely out of my current grad-student-with-part-time-job-trying-to-save-up-and-move-out budget.

I never used to have much of an issue with my gym, but I’ve noticed it’s been going downhill and getting more crowded lately. They have very few dumbbells, and it’s become almost impossible for me to find the weights that I want (usually 12-20 lbs). Not to mention, the whole facility feels a little…dirty. I don’t know, it just is a little old and the equiptment isn’t necessarily the most up-to-date. Maybe I was spoiled by my nice little school gym?

Casual gym selife (I promise I don’t always have crazy eyes, endorphins, maybe?), please note the 80s walls and questionable carpet (also how great are these capris, I got them on clearance, not sure why two-toned pink Nike capris would ever be on sale, but they were so obvi I scooped them).

Honestly, the two things holding me back from canceling my membership all together are:
1. The treadmill. I haaaate the treadmill, but when the weather isn’t great it’s a good back-up running plan. In the summer, it’s usually not an issue, but if it’s really rainy (a little rain typically doesn’t stop me from going outside, in fact, I ran in the rain yesterday), or once it gets colder and less light-out time come fall/winter, I may need that treadmill once again.

2. Choice of weight. I can totally deal without having all of the weight machines and whatnot, but I love the feeling of being able to increase the amount of weight I’m using for a particular move. I only have 5 lb dumbbells at home, but if I was to leave the gym I plan on getting a couple heavier pairs (probably 12 and 20 lbs, but of course, dumbbells are kind of expensive too, womp, womp).

Right now, my thinking is this: cancel the membership, at least for the summer, and see how I feel. I’m training for the half marathon anyway, so I’m not as focused on strength right now (though I try to incorporate 1-2 days of strength training into my week). To replace the gym I will:

  • Get a couple pairs of heavier dumbbells and bring my workouts home. Most of the strength training routines I typically do only require dumbbells anyway. Also, the Nike Training Club app has some pretty great strength workouts, so I’ll definitely utilize more of those as well. I actually did one this morning:

IMG_2303 IMG_2304THE CHALLENGER. Sounds intense, was intense, wish I had heavier weights, but still intense.

  • More yoga. The studio I go to is called Power Yoga Evolution (such an intense name, I love it), and, obvi, they have power yoga. It is honestly a pretty great strength workout, along with some much-needed streching for my super unflexible body (I have just recently been able to touch my toes without bending my knees. Clearly I need yoga). They’re having a $40/month deal right now, so I should jump on that and start going more than once a week.
  • Basically, just try a few new things. New strength routines (please send any good ones you do my way!), new classes (there is a studio in my area that offers a free barre class for first-timers), just mix it up. I’m focused on running, so as long as I can supplement that well while maintaining my strength, I’ll be a happy camper.

Phew, that was long-winded! Thanks for reading to the end you lovely human.

Do you have any tips/recommendations for bringing the gym home? Equiptment I should get, workouts I should try, anything!




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