Evening Jaunt

7 PM is my new favorite running time. I want to do every long run at 7 PM. Sadly, this isn’t quite feasible because 1. quite often I am at work at 7 PM, and 2. eventually there won’t be enough sunlight time left for me to go run at 7 PM (though I suppose I could just leave a little eariler/it won’t be so damn hot earlier).

Today I came home from work around 4, ate a cheeseburger and salad as fuel for my run (okay, maybe not the best thing to eat pre-run, but I gave myself like an hour and a half to digest it before I left), chilled with my family (my grampy was over, he’s seriously the most intentionally/unintentionally hilarious person on the planet), and headed out.

I suppose I can say I had a PR run, but every long run from here on out will (hopefully) be a distance/time PR. According to RunKeeper, I ran 6.62 miles in 1:01:59 (9.22/mi pace). I’m a little nervous about the distance increases. I felt pretty done towards the end of this run, and the anxiety side of me kept saying “if you’re feeling this now, how are you gonna run a 13 miles in a couple months?” I know I just need to stick to the training and pace myself. I definitely have pacing issues, my splits are never negative. My fastest mile was my first, and my slowest was my 5th. I suppose it also may have to do with the area I run in. My neighborhood is pretty hilly, so even when I power up the hills, I need to recover and slow down once I’m over them. Part of me wants to go somewhere flatter, but apparently the course I’m running for my half is somewhat hilly as well (side note: this is my most used emoji on my phone). Hence my conflict, do I train on hills or go to flatter ground, at least for my long runs?

Even though I’m having anxiety about the distance, I felt pretty good post-run. I did a Caroline Jordan foam rolling video and post-run stretching video (I just stumbled upon her a few months ago when I was looking for post-run foam rolling videos, and I must say I’m really into her stretching videos and positive vibes, definitely check her out).

Anyway, I have a few questions for you guys for a little advice:

1. How do you pace yourself when running?

2. What are some of your favorite post-run foam rolling moves?




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