Gettin’ Hot in Here

Summer is (unofficially) among us here in Massachusetts (oh, btw, I live in Massachusetts). The prevailing theme of the last couple of days has been HOT. Not that I’m complaining, I much prefer heat and summer to cold and winter.

Yesterday, I got breakfast at this adorable little breakfast cafe, Maddie’s, with my friend Colleen. We went to high school together and became friends through our mutual theater geek-ness, and have stayed close throughout college, even though we went to different schools. Now we’re both in the same situation, just graduated, living at home for (hopefully) a year, and carving out our real-life path. Honestly, most of my friends are in this situation. I’m the only one in grad school right now, but everyone I’m close with seems to be either getting a full time job and doing life or getting a full time job to build their resume while they figure out what their next educational step is.

Anyway, breakfast at Maddie’s was delicious, as per usual. I got a veggie omelet with a little bowl of fruit and cinnamon rasin toast (my faaaaaavorite).


After breakfast, we decided to embrace the hot weather and hang out in Colleen’s yard. I did homework, she studied for the GREs (thank GOD I am done with those). It was really an exiting time. I got a little sunburn to remember it with, obvi.

Later in the afternoon, I figured it wasn’t hot enough outside and went to hot yoga. I went to my usual studio, but I had a new-to-me instructor. She was very robotic. The instructor I usually go to is suuuuuper personable, and this woman was the complete opposite. I didn’t hate it though, her robotic personality was weirdly calming. What wasn’t necessarily weirdly calming was the amount of sweat literally pouring out of my body. I am a naturally sweaty exerciser, so obviously I was expecting to sweat in hot yoga (also I go to hot yoga like once a week so I’m pretty accustomed to it). However, yesterday’s class was really full and the weather outside was exceptionally hot, making this what I would likely consider the most sweaty hot yoga class ever. It really wasn’t any more intense than usual, just hot AF. The minute I got into my car after class, my shirt came off and I drove home in my sports bra (I took off my clothes because it got hot in the yoga studio).

After showering and eating, I did what any good yogi would do post-yoga on a hot day. I went out for $4 margaritas at Margaritas (the restaurant is legit called Margaritas). Thursdays are “Ladies’ Night,” and all of us gals get $4 margaritas. It was the peeeeerrrrrrfect way to cool off and hang out with friends.

The ideal post-workout recovery drink.

This morning, I was planning on getting my long run for the week in before it got too hot. I have 6.5 miles on the docket for week 2 of half-marathon training (I’ll share my training plan with you all soon). However, I got outside later than expected. Even though it was only 10:30 in the morning, it was hot and there was very little shade to be found. I cut my run short (only did about 3 miles), which bogged me down a bit, but then I completed the Blogilates 1000 abs challenge, which was challenging but not tooooooo extreme. Finishing that made me feel a bit better. I’m not gonna lie though, ending a run early makes me feel really shitty.

I’m planning on doing my long run tomorrow evening around 7:00. I get out of work at 4:30, so I’ll have time to eat/digest and the streets will be much more shade-covered, which makes a world of difference in how hot it feels. Also, I feel like I am a stronger runner/exerciser in general later in the day, even though I often work out in the morning just to get it done with for the day.

So, some questions for you guys…

1. How do you deal with working out in the heat?

2. How do you deal with cutting a run/work out short or having a bad run?

3. Can we make $4 margaritas on Thursday a national holiday or something?




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