Working (and having fun) for the Weekend

Happy Monday! Okay, I realize for most people Monday is not happy, but I just finished a 6-day-in-a-row streak at work (I work as a host at an Italian restaurant, hey, it works with my grad school schedule!) and I have tomorrow off, so today is kind of happy for me!

Even though I was working this weekend, I still had time for non-work things. Here’s some fast facts from my weekend (in no particular order):

  • I love pistachio fro-yo from Orange Leaf. I went with my friend Maddie on Friday night and got a big ol’ cup of pistachio (plus some cookie dough bites and an inane amount of chocolate sprinkles). Maddie got a bunch of different flavors, but tbh I’m not a huge fan of mixing flavors, I feel like they all sort of melt together and taste weird.
    • Side note: does anyone else think fro-yo is super not filling? I had a pretty solid bowl of fro-yo and could have gone for another big bowl right after. I’m usually satisfied after ice cream, but fro-yo just doesn’t fill me up.
  • On Saturday night, I went out with my friend Steph. We headed to the beach to see the fireworks (living like 30 minutes away from the beach is seriously awesome, I can’t wrap my head around not having the beach nearby). We had a couple drinks, watched the fireworks, and then were rudely interrupted by rain. Oh well, now we know for next time what the good bars in the area are! Also, we left in time to get some ice cream at Friendly’s en route home (Reese’s Friend-Z= AMAZING, but also like 1,000 calories. Yolo?)
Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Inside a bar. Probably should have taken an actual picture of the beach. Next time!


  • I’ve officially decided to move my long runs to Tuesday. Mostly because I usually don’t work on Tuesday and am busiest on Mondays (work in the morning, online grad classes have meetings at night), so I take a rest day. Planning on doing a little foam rolling tonight in preparation for 7.5 miles (!) tomorrow.
  • I wrote my first grad school paper! It was due today, so, naturally, I didn’t actually start it until last night. So much for not procrastinating in grad school (I can’t change, even if I tried…)
    • I also wrote the bulk of my paper in Starbucks because I can’t concentrate in my house, and the library isn’t open on Sunday. Also, it was a pretty good excuse to treat myself to (half caff) coffee at 7:00 PM.
  • Came home from work today to not one, but TWO packages from Amazon. A new yoga mat (so I don’t have to steal my sister’s anymore…thanks Sasa:) ) and a fuel belt with water bottle attachments. I’m gonna look groovy on my run tomorrow.


Immediately opening these babies up as soon as I post this bad boy.

  • And last, but certainly not least, THE SUPREME COURT MADE GAY MARRIAGE FEDERALLY LEGAL!!!!!!!! I got home from yoga Friday morning to hear that news and was beyond happy. Gay marriage has been legal in Massachusetts for, like, 10 years or something, but those marriages were never federally recognized until now (and tax benefits of a federally recognized marriage are probably pretty sweet). I have quite a few gay friends who now have the same marriage benefits I do, and that makes me so freaking happy. Good job government, good job.

(image source)

This weekend has also made me realize I need to get better at taking pictures. I like blog posts with lots of pictures, so that means everyone does, right? Next weekend (4th of July, woohoo!) I’m gonna try not to slack.

Questions for you lovely humans:

1. What was our favorite thing you did this weekend?

2. Are you a fro-yo flavor mixer, or a one-flavor person like myself?

3. Do you have a 9-5 M-F job, or are you like me and have weird shifts (part time job + school life, man)?




Free-Forming It

I didn’t really have one cohesive subject I wanted to blog about today, so here are some thoughts and happenings that are being typed out as they come into my brain:

1. I randomly got a migraine today. I get one every few months, but they usually happen at night. Today, around 10:45, I was in the shower after my run, and the vision in my right eye started getting blurry. I guess this is what you’d call my migraine “aura” (basically the weird thing that happens to your body right before you get a migraine…essentially the closest I’ll get to being a psychic like Raven).

It’s the future (migraine) I can see.

I managed to get dressed and eat breakfast before the migraine actually hit, but as anyone who gets migraines knows, once they hit, you’re pretty much down for the count. I basically just layed on my couch for a couple hours falling in and out of sleep. Luckily, it only lasted until about 1:30.

2. Now, I’m sitting outside enjoying the weather. Thank god the WiFi reaches out here. TBH I probably woudn’t sit outside as much if I didn’t have Internet. Lame? Yes. I am a true millennial.

3. I also just ate lunch out here, and obvi I snapped a picture real quick. Hey, I have a “healthy living-ish” blog now, I might as well share my lunch with you! Today was a super typical Julie lunch: A wheat wrap with turkey, tomato, red bell pepper, spicy brown mustard, and salsa inside, plus baby carrots and hummus (and unpictured grapes to round everything out).


4. I’m obsessed with the American Eagle Sky High Shortie. They are the perfect high-waisted-but-not-too-high-waisted shorts. They’re short, but not toooooo short. I have a feeling I’ll be living in these babies this summer. They can be casual, they can be dressy(ish), or they can be part of a night on the town outfit depending on what shirt/shoe combo I pair them with. Right now I only have them in the dark rinse color, but I have a feeling (possibly another Raven-esque vision) that I’ll be buying the lighter ones soon. Here’s just a quick little OOTD (taken with the self-timer on my iPhone, which I’ve never used before but have a feeling more OOTDs will be taken this way in the future (woah, another Raven moment?!)).


The tank is from Forever 21…like 90% of the clothes I own #cheapycheap

5. On the same sort of fashion tangent, let’s talk hair for a sec (thinking about fashion led me to thinking about beauty, and I’m pretty sure hair products fit into the beauty category). I’m in the market for a good wave/beachy hair spray type product. I have weird kinda straight/kinda wavy/kinda frizzy hair (please refer to the picture above), so I think I’d benefit from something that would enhance the waves and…de-enhance (?) the frizz. Any suggestions?

6. I’ve been getting up early all this week to work out, and it’s felt great. I’m not a morning person, but getting my ass up, getting it done, and beating the heat make me feel like a rockstar. Here’s to hoping this is a recurring theme this summer!

That’s about it for now. I have to leave for work (womp, womp) in like 15 minutes, so I should probably get ready for that.

Some queries for you lovely humans:

1. Do you get migraines, and if so do you get some sort of weird migraine “aura?”

2. What is a typical lunch for you?

3. Can we get the wheels (or Boyz) in motion for a That’s So Raven Reunion? That would be so rad.



What I Ate Wednesday 6/24: Julie’s First WIAW

My very first “What I Ate Wednesday” (WIAW for short, you know I love abbrevs). WHAT a milestone. Okay, not really. I’m kind of excited though. I am linking up with the WIAW party (created by the lovely Jenn at Peas and Crayons ), on Sprint 2 the Table. Thanks Laura for hosting! So, without further ado, here’s all of my eats from yesterday!


I got up early to get my 7 mile long run in before it got hot and stormy (we had tornado warnings for all of 5 minutes yesterday, not too common for Massachusetts). So breakfast part 1 was a piece of toast with peanut butter and a banana. Oh, and of course a smidgen of iced coffee on the side to get me ready to RUNble.


Post run, I made part 2 of breakfast: a protein smoothie bowl (smoothie bowl > smoothie in a cup) with frozen mango, frozen mixed berries, vanilla protein powder, and a little bit of unsweetened vanilla almond milk (juuuuust enough to get the blender going). If I’m just having a smoothie bowl for breakfast, I’ll add granola on top for extra crunch + staying power, but since I already ate a solid base pre-run, I stuck with just the smoothie.


Oh, and of course I finished off the rest of the pot of iced coffee that was in the fridge. The small glass I drank pre-run was not going to cut it for my caffeine-addicted self.


A cup of happiness.

Snack Attack:

I had a doctor’s appointment and ran some errands after breakfast, so I packed some almonds in my purse just in case I got hungry between breakfast and lunch (naturally, I got hungry and ate them). IMG_2324


I was feeling eggs and veggies when I got home. So I sauteed a random assortment of veggies (red bell pepper, red onion, frozen broccoli, mushrooms, and tomatoes), threw in a couple of slices of deli turkey, poured 2 whisked-up eggs over all of it, and finally added a wedge of Laughing Cow light Swiss cheese for good measure (along with smoked paprika, adobo, and oregano for a little flavaaaa). I will be the first to admit that this meal does not photograph well, but I love egg scrambles like this. They’re delicious, super easy to make, and provide you with a pretty solid dose of veggies.


I also ate a bowl of fruit (strawberries + blueberries + grapes) after my scramble. Gotta have something sweet!



I still had my Not Your Average Joes $15 off birthday coupon, so my friend Elizabeth and I went there for dinner. Obviously, I started off with a piece of (unpictured) bread and oil (which is to die for). For our entree, we ordered a Margarita pizza to split (and to take a couple pieces home…hello today’s lunch!).


Since I still had a little of the $15 left, we had to get dessert (right?). We split the molten chocolate cake. ‘Twas amazing.



Even though I didn’t necessarily have the lightest of dinners, I got hungry later yesterday night. Maybe it was the 7 mile run earlier (maybe not, but whatever the case may be, I was hungry and therefore I was going to eat something). I whipped up one of my favorite late night snacks, cottage cheese + PB (or PB2 in last night’s case). It might sound gross, and, once again, another meal that doesn’t photograph amazingly well, but it’s delicious. Trust me. I’m planning on sharing the (super simple) recipe on the blog soon.


And finally, because I rarely go to bed without doing this, I had a spoonful of PB (Teddie Super Chunk, only the best for this PB addict).


My one true love.


Well, that was what I ate in a day. Maybe not the healthiest of days, but I’m sure future WIWAs may feature more salads and less molten chocolate cake. It’s all about balance.

So, a couple questions for you lovely humans:

1. What did you eat yesterday, or today, or whenever? I’m curious.

2. Smooth or chunky PB? I’m totally a chunky person, but if smooth is all that’s available I’m not complaining!



The 7 Mile Hump & New Sneakz

I RAN 7 MILES THIS MORNING. Okay, I know to some this may not seem like a lot, but for some reason this 7 mile hump in my half marathon training plan seemed like such a tough mileage to tackle. Yeah, I’m going to be running 11 miles for my last long run, and, you know, 13.1 miles during the half marathon, but this 7-miler just seemed like my first big training challenge. I said I had a distance PR last week, but that was only by about a quarter of a mile. This is my first big distance PR milestone (pun intended, HAH), and I could not be happier.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 3.12.25 PM

RunKeeper, you dear.

A few little tidbits from this run:

1. I did stop halfway through at my house for a quick bathroom break. No matter what I do, I always seem to need to poop (sorry if this is tmi, move on to the next tidbit if you’d like) during my long run. It’s so annoying! I always make sure I go before I leave, and even though I did drink a small amount of coffee beforehand (it was only about 8 oz, which is like nothing to a coffee fiend like myself), I ate a piece of toast + PB + a banana, which shouldn’t really have much of an affect on my stomach. If anyone has any advice about this kind of, um, personal, topic, it would be greatly appreciated!

2. I also stopped and walked for like 30 seconds around mile 6. I’m not proud I did but oh well, in the end it helped me finish stronger.

3. I experimented with eating on my run for the first time! I didn’t have any type of GU or the typical running-fuel things (I bought some today for my next long run, however), so I ate some raisins right around mile 5. It is kind of weird to chew and run at the same time, and I’m not really sure if the raisins actually gave me an energy boost (please refer back to the fact that I had to walk for a bit at mile 6). Hopefully the GU chomps I bought will be more affective. I literally had no idea what little energy-boost squares I should buy, so I just picked up the Black Cherry GU Chomps. Let me know what mid-run fuel you like best. I plan on getting a little experimental over my next few long runs.

4. Speaking of fuel, I need to get a fuel belt, specifically one with a little water bottle attached. I’ve noticed that I get thirsty by the end of my run (and I am a supremely sweaty being who would benefit from some water mid-long run). Most of my running routes don’t pass by any water fountains, so the water bottle feature is kind of necessary. Comment if you have any fuel belt + water bottle combo recommendations as well (that aren’t super expensive, homegirl is not made of money).

5. This was my last run with my old sneakers. I’ve had these Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s for far too long (more than a year, and I usually try to replace my running shoes every 6 months-ish, whoops), so It’s time to bid them adieu. I’m happy their swan song was this nifty little 7-mile PR though. Always good to go out on a high note.


It’s been real, old friends.

I suppose that leads me into part 2 of this post…I got new running shoes (thanks to mom and dad for the running store gift card for my birthday, you guys rock, don’t ever change)!!!!

I stuck with what I know and like (and what I was recommended when I did a running shoe fitting last year) and got the Mizuno Wave Inspires, but they’re the new lucky number 11’s. I’m a total over-pronator, and these are great at supporting my arches.


New shoes, you rule, you rule, new shoes.

I also got a new pair of the Superfeet Berry insoles. I need all the support I can get.


You’re p cool too, additional arch support.

Super excited to wear these out for a run in a couple days. I always find myself a little more excited to work out when I have new things to wear.

Some questions for you lovely humans:

1. Any tips for, um, not having to use the bathroom while running? (Seriously, though, it’s important!)

2. What are you thoughts about stopping to walk for a little bit during a run?

3. What is your favorite mid-run fuel?

4. How do I still look cool while wearing a fuel belt? Is it possible? (TBH, I probz don’t look cool while I’m running anyway, so maybe the fuel belt will actually make me look cooler)



Not a Track-ing Star: Why I Can’t Track My Food

Before I get into the meat of this post, I want to take a quick second to say Happy Father’s Day. I don’t think there are many fathers in the main demographic of my blog, but hey, wanted to spread the happiness!


My dad thought the hat looked better with his outfit.

Now that we got that out of the way, I wanted to discuss something that’s been on my mind lately: food tracking apps/food journals. I think that they are really awesome for a lot of people. Whether you’re trying to lose/maintain/gain weight, track macros, or just to get a better idea of what you’re eating and how much is recommended you eat, food tracking apps like My Fitness Pal can be super helpful.

Around December, I realized I really needed to gain some weight. I am 5’9 and weighed about 120 pounds. I had kind of a rough fall semester and became a bit too restrictive with my eating habits. I wanted to get up to a solid 130, and thought the best way to gain weight and make sure I was taking in enough calories, while still being healthy and eating nutritious foods.

I’m not gonna lie, I was reallllllly good at tracking. Everything I ate was logged. However, I have a tendency to become a little obsessive over things (please refer to the fact that the semester prior I became restrictive about foods). I measured everything to make sure I was logging the correct portion, and I found myself not trying little bites of snack just because I wouldn’t know how to log it (I’m sure this is probably a good thing to curb snacking). I meticulously imported recipes my family made when I was eating at home because I wanted everything to be accurate. But I was kind of miserable. I also wasn’t gaining any weight, which was my goal.

Why wasn’t I gaining any weight? Because I never was eating the recommended amount of calories for my small (.5 lb/week) weight gain goal. I’d get nervous once I started getting within ~300 calories of my calorie goal. Often times, I’d eat less calories during the day just in case I ended up going out at night.

Needless to say, I needed to stop with the tracking. So one day, about two months later, I did. I just quit, cold turkey. I deleted the app, logged myself out on my computer, and really haven’t looked back. Obviously, it wasn’t that hard to quit. It’s not like quitting smoking or something, but there are times where I’ve eaten a lot, or have just had a generally unhealthy eating day, and I want to know how many calories I’ve eaten. But then I think about how much it sucked to log everything and how annoying it would be to start back up on My Fitness Pal again.

Recently, I was making a salad for lunch, and I thought about how if I was still using My Fitness Pal, I would feel the need to know exactly what percent of a tomato or how much turkey I was putting on my plate. In that moment, I felt free from that weird time in my life. I’m eating a freaking salad, I know it’s good for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have a weird relationship with food. Sometimes I do feel restrictive, and that’s not a good thing. However, I feel like I have a better relationship with food than I did when I was super restrictive last fall, or when I was obsessively logging over the winter. Last night at work, I ate all of the frosting off of a piece of cake that was left over from a function (I’m not a huge cake fan, but I am a huge frosting fan). I ate it and left it at that. I didn’t have to figure out exactly what type of frosting it was or how many tablespoons of it I ate. Being comfortable with doing that seems really great. I eat healthy, “nutritionally dense” (I’ve heard that term a lot lately and I’m into it) foods most of the time, and I find them delicious, and then I eat frosting off of cake because I find that delicious as well.

I guess I’m trying to be more balanced. Feel good, not guilty, about everything I eat, “good” or “bad.”

Also, I want to restate that I think apps like My Fitness Pal are really great for a lot of people. I’m probably more of an exception because of my anxiety/obsessive nature. For many people it is a great tool to track food/macros/exercise/whatever else.

That was a bit of a personal post, but I just wanted to get my thoughts out there!

What do you think about food tracking apps?

If you have used/are using My Fitness Pal (or something similar), do you find it helpful, or does it not work for you either?



Feelin’ 22 and Feelin’ Under the Weather

On June 17, I reached the true golden year: 22.

As a birthday present to me, please listen and jam. That’s all Tay Tay and I want.

Yes, it was my 22nd birthday! The first in a line of (hopefully many) birthdays that aren’t tied to any milestone.

I had a pretty low-key day. It started with a run, got a trenta iced coffee with my Starbucks birthday coupon (I could get any size for free, how could I not be ridiculous and get a trenta?), sat outside and enjoyed the weather with friends, and went to my favorite/the best restaurant in the world: Not Your Average Joes. Seriously, it’s worth going to even just for the bread/oil the give you to start your meal. If you’re curious (I’m sure you weren’t) got the mustard crusted chicken meal. I didn’t take a picture because I was ready to EAT by the time it got to the table.

I did, however, take a picture of my birthday pie.


Pretty sure my family has had those 2-shaped candles for about 22 years.

I always get apple pie from this delicious local bakery in my hometown for my birthday. I like cake (90% because I like frosting), but I like apple pie a million times more, so why not have apple pie on my birthday? I’m a rebel without a cause, I know.

I have a couple birthday goals that I’d like to complete/work on during my 22nd year of living:

1. Run a half marathon. Hopefully I can check this one off in August!

2. Live in the moment a little more. I am constantly thinking about the future. I’m waiting for something to be over so I can move on to the next thing. I feel like I’m never happy exactly where I am. I need to stop and smell the roses instead of waiting to get to the sunflowers because I like those more (and inevitably when I get to the sunflowers, be waiting to get to the farm stand in this fictitious garden because I’m hungry or something).

3. Finish the projects I start. I have a bad habit of starting things and being super excited about them, and then never actually following through. For example, I’ve started a hand full of blogs that are now deserted (but this one has by far the best name and best layout, so honestly I’m doing better already). When I moved home from school in May, I started redecorating and reorganizing my room at home since I’ll be here for a yearish (and I should try to enjoy this year rather than impatiently counting down the days until I can move out). Well, let’s just say it’s been a little more than a month and I’m still not completely moved in. My room could be so sick, if I would just finish it!

My birthday was fantastic, yet, sadly, Taylor Swift failed to mention that being 22 also means your body deteriorates and you get some sort of throat virus or bad case of seasonal allergies issue two days after your birthday on the night you were supposed to go out with all your friends.

Yup, I woke up with a sore throat yesterday and was hoping it would go away as the day wore on. Sadly, it did not. It was worse this morning. I went to the doctor and learned that it’s not strep throat (which is good), rather it’s probably a different sort of throat virus OR I just am dealing with some crappy seasonal allergies. Per her recommendation, I picked up some Zyrtec, in case it is allergies, and per my own (virtually nonexistent) medical acumen, I am drinking lots of water and chugging Emergen-C. I don’t actually think Emergen-C helps according to science, it’s more of one of those things that exist because people will buy it, but whatever, I’m buying into the advertising hook, line, and sinker.

IMG_2309Zyrtec + Emergen-C  + Water = My first line of defense

I’m reallllllly hoping I feel well enough tomorrow to do my 7 mile long run I have planned for this week (I was actually supposed to do it today, but I just was not feeling it), or at least well enough to get in some sort of exercise, or just generally not feel gross.

As for right now, I’m about to take some NyQuill and knock out. Fingers crossed that a good night’s sleep will do the trick (also, running with a NyQuill hangover could be interesting, or end really terribly).

Questions for you lovely readers:

1. Do you eat anything other than cake on your birthday? Or if you do eat cake, what kind of cake? On a related note: are you team cake or team frosting?

2. What helps you get over a sore throat/cold quicky? Do you eat/drink anything special, or just focus on getting sleep and staying hydrated? Any tips are helpful!

3. Do you exercise when sick? I generally follow the “above the neck” rule: runny nose, headache, sore throat I’ll exercise with (a pretty light work out, though), but if I’m coughing or having stomach issues, or just not feeling up to it (case in point: today), I’m not going to work out.



Goodbye Gym?

Since coming home from school, I’ve been heavily debating cancelling my gym membership, at least for the summer. When I lived in my apartment at school, I was able to go to the little on-campus gym in my building that was clean, had nice, modern equipment, and usually wasn’t super busy.

Sadly, I graduated and moved back home, so now I’ve been relegated to the $10/month cheap gym in my town. I cooooould go to the nice gym in town, but the monthly cost is definitely out of my current grad-student-with-part-time-job-trying-to-save-up-and-move-out budget.

I never used to have much of an issue with my gym, but I’ve noticed it’s been going downhill and getting more crowded lately. They have very few dumbbells, and it’s become almost impossible for me to find the weights that I want (usually 12-20 lbs). Not to mention, the whole facility feels a little…dirty. I don’t know, it just is a little old and the equiptment isn’t necessarily the most up-to-date. Maybe I was spoiled by my nice little school gym?

Casual gym selife (I promise I don’t always have crazy eyes, endorphins, maybe?), please note the 80s walls and questionable carpet (also how great are these capris, I got them on clearance, not sure why two-toned pink Nike capris would ever be on sale, but they were so obvi I scooped them).

Honestly, the two things holding me back from canceling my membership all together are:
1. The treadmill. I haaaate the treadmill, but when the weather isn’t great it’s a good back-up running plan. In the summer, it’s usually not an issue, but if it’s really rainy (a little rain typically doesn’t stop me from going outside, in fact, I ran in the rain yesterday), or once it gets colder and less light-out time come fall/winter, I may need that treadmill once again.

2. Choice of weight. I can totally deal without having all of the weight machines and whatnot, but I love the feeling of being able to increase the amount of weight I’m using for a particular move. I only have 5 lb dumbbells at home, but if I was to leave the gym I plan on getting a couple heavier pairs (probably 12 and 20 lbs, but of course, dumbbells are kind of expensive too, womp, womp).

Right now, my thinking is this: cancel the membership, at least for the summer, and see how I feel. I’m training for the half marathon anyway, so I’m not as focused on strength right now (though I try to incorporate 1-2 days of strength training into my week). To replace the gym I will:

  • Get a couple pairs of heavier dumbbells and bring my workouts home. Most of the strength training routines I typically do only require dumbbells anyway. Also, the Nike Training Club app has some pretty great strength workouts, so I’ll definitely utilize more of those as well. I actually did one this morning:

IMG_2303 IMG_2304THE CHALLENGER. Sounds intense, was intense, wish I had heavier weights, but still intense.

  • More yoga. The studio I go to is called Power Yoga Evolution (such an intense name, I love it), and, obvi, they have power yoga. It is honestly a pretty great strength workout, along with some much-needed streching for my super unflexible body (I have just recently been able to touch my toes without bending my knees. Clearly I need yoga). They’re having a $40/month deal right now, so I should jump on that and start going more than once a week.
  • Basically, just try a few new things. New strength routines (please send any good ones you do my way!), new classes (there is a studio in my area that offers a free barre class for first-timers), just mix it up. I’m focused on running, so as long as I can supplement that well while maintaining my strength, I’ll be a happy camper.

Phew, that was long-winded! Thanks for reading to the end you lovely human.

Do you have any tips/recommendations for bringing the gym home? Equiptment I should get, workouts I should try, anything!